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Ronco Calino is a small organic winemaker: 70k bottles in the most generous years made exclusively with grapes coming from 10 hectares of property. It rises in an extraordinary corner of Franciacorta, sheltered by the hill on which the piano master Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli had built his house.In 1996, the maestro’s residence found another exceptional steward, Paolo Radici, who arrived in Franciacorta to fulfil his childhood dream to live in the midst of green and to create “his own wine”.

This hidden oasis immersed in the sounds and colors of nature was perfect for his goal of creating a unique, healthy and vibrant wine. The estate vineyard planted to Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in fact enjoys a diverse terroir, which heightens the multi-layered personality of the wines, and an ideal exposure of the vine-rows, which face north and welcome the breezes from Lago d’Iseo. The result is fully-ripe grapes that yield fresh musts and long-lived wines, which are a combination of crispness, elegance, and remarkable dry-edged cleanness, underscored by a very limited dosage of sugar.Attention to detail and the ability to wait are key conditions: bottles rest on the lees for long in order to give to wine lovers a glass of Franciacorta capable of expressing its full quality potential.


pale straw yellow with subtle greenish highlights, displaying an elegant, lengthy mousse and bead. It boasts a stylish, aromatic complex, with rich notes of fruit—pineapple, late-ripening pear, Fuji apple and grapefruit; floral impressions of hawthorn, acacia, and orange blossom and citrus honey. Balsamic and slightly peppery, it recalls eucalyptus leaf and caramel. The palate shows superb, fleshy weight, yet with a crisp, vibrant acidity, progressing to a dry, clean-edged finish marked with a tangy savouriness.

Franciacorta method:




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  • Italy

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