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Weingut Lidy is a family winery and it is managed by Marcel and Nicolay Lidy in the 4th generation, together with their parents Siglinde and Bertram Lidy. The two brothers cultivate 20 hectares of vineyards in and around the village Frankweiler. The village Frankweiler offers the vines perfect conditions for wines with an own character, because the different divers of the soils such as yellow sandstone, blue Keuper and the high proportion of limestone characterize the wines.

Auxerrois is an unforgiving grape in the winery – poor winemaking will result in wines that lack focus and concentration. Lidy's Auxerrois is a fine sample of how an excellent Auxerrois taste.


  • APPEARANCE Pale yellow in colour with hints of green. The wine is clear and brilliant.
  • NOSE The scent of this wine is reminiscent of gooseberries and elderflowers.
    TASTE The full fruit aromas of the wine unfold in the taste with a pleasant acidity and moderate alcohol content.
  • FOOD PAIRING A perfect match for meat, cheese or spicy dishes.

Auxerrois 2021

22,00 €Price
  • Germany

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