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Javier Arizcuren comes from a family of winegrowers from Quel, in La Rioja Baja.Arizcuren owns plots between 30 and 120 years old, which produce the highest grade grape for making worldclass wine. All Arizcuren plots are treated organically.

The past, present and future of the Rioja Oriental. Past, represented by the traditional garnacha and mazuelo varieties, present, for the now predominant tempranillo and future, a future built around the combination of all of these grapes, following that typical Rioja tradition of blending varieties to make great wines.

A lovely wine with aromas of herbs, cereals and wild berries on the nose.  A smooth, textured mouth feel, with fine tannins which make it easy to drink and a ripe garnacha finish.

Monte Gatún

39,00 €Price
  • Spain

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