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The winery is managed by Livia Fontana and her two sons, Michele and Lorenzo, who have been preceded by seven generations of the Fontana family.
The result is excellent wines that are appreciated throughout the world for the way in which tradition and new technologies merge in products of very high quality.


  • Colour: intense ruby red color.

  • Bouquet: scent very fine and elegant. Well present fruit part - currant and cherry which is followed by a vegetal note that recalls the peel of the pepper and finally a splendid note of fumè and graphite.

  • Taste: Great gustatory impact final with a full and decisive flavor. Fine and elegant tannin with a good sapidity.

    Food pairings: the wine crosses the tannicity of nebbiolo with the freshness of barbera which allows to combine dishes that vary between succulence and fatness in various parts such as: tajarin with Bra sausage ragù; Chinese sweet and sour pork; roasted tongue with a cauliflower cream; Poule de Bresse and crunchy vegetables.


Langhe D.O.C Rosso Insieme 2018

56,00 €Price
  • Italy

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