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The fragrance is moderate, remarkably fine, subtle and nuanced. The aromas are in harmony: the white flower, the almost imperceptible, refined tangerine, blend into bewitching scents. A few white fruits rub against the perceptible relief of the chalky texture and release their suave juice.
The perfect control of acidity confers liveliness and persistence. The finish is chalky and whets the appetite. In short, a flood of freshness invades the entire palace.
The Grand Cru expresses an irresistible sensation of purity. Chiseled, worked in detail, one perceives fragility, lace in the mouth.

What delicacy! The material is forgotten to keep only the spirit and the elegance. 

Erynn, Champagne Grand Cru 'Bouzy' 2018, Champagne Arnaud Moreau

90,00 €Price
  • France

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