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Javier Arizcuren comes from a family of winegrowers from Quel, in La Rioja Baja.Arizcuren owns plots between 30 and 120 years old, which produce the highest grade grape for making worldclass wine. All Arizcuren plots are treated organically.

You can always hope for something special from a vineyard which has experienced 3 centuries. That is the case with Barranco del Prado, pre-phylloxera ungrafted vines over 120 years’ old and planted at an altitude of almost 800 metres. A real gem that reflects a long-gone form of viticulture which allows us to achieve the highest expression of purity and a reflection of the terroir of the Sierra de Yerga.

A wild, dense, concentrated wine, with intense floral and wild herb aromas, notes of violets and incense and the freshness of a grape cultivated at an altitude of almost 800 metres.

Barranco del Prado

112,00 €Price
  • Spain

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