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JÄÄ is an Estonian calembour

it means


Welcome to our page. If you're here, it's likely because you have a discerning palate and a thirst for social and culinary adventures. You appreciate fine wines, exquisite cuisine, and the company of others who share your passions.

For those truly serious about indulging in the finest, we offer an exclusive opportunity: subscribe to become a member of our distinguished club. With patience, you'll soon receive a special invitation to join us at one of our meticulously curated events, where exceptional food, wine, and conversation await.

JÄÄ's wine selection is unique. All our wines are available exclusively only at JÄÄ. The wines reveal our soul. 

All wineries are carefully selected by very strict concept; they have to be world class quality, small, passionate, with strong family values and history. 

All wines at JÄÄ are exceptional, that is a promise.

Albert Morot, France 2022 Spring-4.jpg
Ibeeria hams-1.jpg

JÄÄ's mission is to take you to a journey.

We are proud to be the first to introduce Iberico hams, chorizos, morcons etc. to Estonians. 
Everybody knows Serrano, but once you get the taste of Iberian hams, you'll know - this is the top. Iberian hams are highest grade.


When we make events, no doubt, they are special. Occasional pop-ups or special wine dinners.
If you want to be part of the club and receive info, subscribe below.

Gindome JÄÄ

How to get to us:

  • Train: just 1 minute by foot from Keila's train station (travel duration from Balti Jaam is 37 minutes).

  • Car: Our address is Jaama 8, 76605, Keila.
    You can leave your car to Jaama street or next to the Keila's beautiful park which is 150m from JÄÄ (even though the parking is free, we recommend to skip the car and arrive by train or any other public transport)



+372 512 0302

Reg. nr. 16394550

KM EE102458194



Jaama 8/ Haapsalu mnt. 8

76605 Keila


We open our doors occasionally, exclusively for special events.

Are you a Chef or an event planner with great ideas?

JÄÄ is the perfect place to bring them to life.

We're open to random pop-ups and unique events.

Contact us and let’s make something amazing together.

If you are a person interested in to hold a special event/party in JÄÄ, contact us.

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